Being Interviewed for ‘Healing through the Holidays’

Yes, the holidays are coming!  Whether we want them or not, or are ready or not, or even dread them. Sharing from my Heart on this one.   Here’s Caro Brookings interviewing me for her ‘Healing through the Holidays’ speaker series. FREE GIFT: If you’re not already receiving my “Compassion in Action” (Wellness Masterclass) Newsletters or [read more…]

Just what does a DOULA do?

Is the term ‘Doula’ new to you.  It was for me. Let’s find out more today!  Here’s part ONE of the blog post today. This video is simply a tidbit of what our interview included.  Marcy McDonald shares her knowledge as one of only 40 Internationally accredited End of Life Doulas.  She has the most amazing [read more…]

Valentine Perks and a Party I’m sharing as one of my friends is presenting at this event.  Check it out on the blue link. I’m curious as I’ve never been to one. Would you like to go to a Valentines’ party to Celebrate Love, be entertained and learn tips for having more loving relationships? You can join the fun online [read more…]

How I want to AGE

What a beautiful way to look at aging … “I want to age like sea glass. Smoothed by tides, but not broken. I want my hard edges to soften. I want to ride the waves and go with the flow. I want to catch a wave and let it carry me to where I belong. [read more…]

My 5 BEST Travel Helpers

We had just returned from a wonderful trip to Costa Rica and it occurred to me that there are “VIP” items to have when you travel, that you may not know about. So let’s highlight those for you here.  ***There’s a special BONUS one at the end*** This is a new addition to my travel [read more…]

Let GO of that EGO to Be HAPPY

Pharrell Williams, song writer and artist singing’Happy” has been attributed for the creation of 40% of the music in North America at one time. I have to admit I did not recognize his name until the release of the contagious “HAPPY” , which was on the sound track for the movie ‘Despicable ME 2’ On [read more…]

Miracle in Thailand?

Were you like me, waiting each morning with anticipation for news of a miracle regarding the 12 trapped soccer boys and their coach? As I laid in bed at 6:30 am and heard the news that ALL the team and coach were safely out of the cave, I gave a HUGE sigh of relief and [read more…]

A Mentor – what benefits do you see?

I like this term MENTOR.  I think for me it fits way better than ‘coach’, and better describes how I help people. My Epiphany:   I’m not travelling across Western Canada, doing IN PERSON one on one health consulting any more.  Communication  methods have changed and I still have my contacts spread all around the globe [read more…]

What do you do with DOUBT?

Wow!  This is a biggie! Self Doubt – Doubt in your abilities – Doubt in whether you’re on the right path – the right career – am I good enough? Wow!  All conditions that have been before us at one time or another. So what do you do about it? Well there are Laws that [read more…]

Cravings – Another Success Story

A quick listen to help motivate you over the holidays. If you’d like to know more, contact either your personal RBC Life affiliate, Kim or myself. We’re going into the holidays ‘vaccinated’ for all those temptations. Christmas Greetings, Barb ph 250-752-5499 Share this…

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