Repair – part of your insurance plan

You most likely have Insurance right?  Car insurance, Travel Insurance, Dental Insurance, Health Insurance and even Life (death to you) Insurance………right? What about Repair Insurance?   or Nutrition Insurance?  Does that sound odd to you?  Well over 90% of North Americans are deficient in nutrients, so does it make sense that maybe, just maybe, that could [read more…]

The END of knee and hip replacements?

Brand new Stem Cell news AGAIN! Click on the JOINT EFFORT link to bring up the exciting video (sorry you’ll have to click on the actual words Joint Effort below the photo to bring up the video). Joint EffortThe breakthrough that could mean the end of hip and knee replacements. #7News Posted by 7 [read more…]

Some jobs you REALLY have to BE WELL

This month I’m going to feature one of our “Success Stories”…..not mine exactly. Some jobs you REALLY have to have some physical dexterity………yes you do, if you’re spreadeagled like this below. Let me introduce you to Rick, who is the lineman shown in the photos. Here’s his story: Working in the power-line construction industry is physically [read more…]

The Economics of Arthritis

Later this week my monthly newsletter will be sent to subscribers.  It will include an article that has a really good look into arthritis. Here’s a reality check as to the economic devastation arthritis does, very eye opening. Click on photo to enlarge. It “PAYS” to stay well.  In fact, Prevention has the best value. [read more…]

Memory, Vision, & Hearing Roadblocks

Back to Basics, Structural Basics that is! It won’t matter how good you eat or what amazing supplements you take IF, and it’s a big IF; you do not have good circulation getting through the shoulders and the neck to the head area. Here’s the premise: The body requires SUPPLY (oxygen, nutrients and also an [read more…]

Rickets? You’ve got to be kidding!

A zillion years ago when I was in school they talked about Scurvy, they talked about Rickets under the banner, “Before we knew anything about nutrition”. Now the UK shares they have the highest number of ricket admissions to hospital; based on the last 50 years. Good Lord!  What have we learned?  Or maybe better [read more…]

Tenacious Tanaiya

My interview with a grateful Grandma. By our standards we would think 3 year old Tanaiya to be way too young to experience such adversity. This little girl was born with no hips.  Her femurs (thigh bones) were on the outside of her iliac crest (pelvic bone saddle). That means she couldn’t and didn’t crawl [read more…]

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