Osteoporosis…..to Osteopenia (reversal)

Bone is replaced in 10 year cycles…how is it that a reversal can happen in 9 months? Thank you to Earl Kemper for sharing this great video on your website.   Keep on filling the GAPPS (see the legend below) Dottie was already ingesting nutrients in the Superfoods Pack so she was already covering MANY of the [read more…]

Repair – part of your insurance plan

You most likely have Insurance right?  Car insurance, Travel Insurance, Dental Insurance, Health Insurance and even Life (death to you) Insurance………right? What about Repair Insurance?   or Nutrition Insurance?  Does that sound odd to you?  Well over 90% of North Americans are deficient in nutrients, so does it make sense that maybe, just maybe, that could [read more…]

Why Sitting is the New Smoking

Yes, you’ve all been hearing the slogan, “Sitting is the new Smoking”, drawing our attention to one more thing we are nudged to implement in our Self Care protocol. My focus is more on optimal BRAIN and ENERGY function, than lung function; but either way here’s some facts to support why you will want to [read more…]

Alzheimer Breakthroughs in Mice

New studies out of Australia.  Click here for the whole story. This comes from the aspect of plaque.  There is another theory that inflammation is the biggest culprit. For further insights and readings, go to back issues of our blog and also archived newsletters at www.BarbAshcroft.ca Anything noninvasive is a step in the right direction. [read more…]

How do you LIVE MORE?

We were blessed last month with the teachings of Ron and Lois Zehr as they shared with our audience, EXACTLY how to LIVE MORE! What does that mean to you? We’re excited to share lots of good stuff this Wednesday Feb 11th at 7 pm Where: THE MAC (McMillan Arts Centre) kitty corner from the [read more…]

Thank you Gordie Howe

We’re so happy that Gordie Howe, Canadian hockey legend has had a remarkable recovery after two serious strokes. Here his son shares how stem cell therapy accomplished that. (click on the colored link for article) The entire nation got a boost also, because it gave credence to the advance of stem cell recovery. Now MS [read more…]

Work Re-Imagined

Work Re-Created! Re-Ployment is for you! Kids aren’t the only ones who say “The Darnedest Things”. Maybe Art Linkletter was right? He taught the principle of “Keep Learning and Keep Earning!” Who among us wouldn’t want to have a future of longevity and prosperity? The good news is that seniors today are living longer than [read more…]

Another Amazing Recount

One of the year’s uplifting reports came from a client in Florida.  He was in serious cardiac distress and was told he required open heart surgery. Instead,  he sought out the Stem Cell Institute for Stem Cell therapy. As part of the prep he was to ingest Stem-Kine to help increase his own stem cell [read more…]

Nutrients for Brain and Memory

New findings on Gingko Biloba and other Brain Booster Nutrients backs up the formulation of NeuroBright (patented memory complex) • Ginkgo Biloba – A popular plant known as the memory tree. Studies show that Ginkgo supports mental clarity and normal memory function. It provides antioxidant protection and supports healthy circulation.* NEW FINDINGS: Ginkgo biloba, has [read more…]

You’ve had cataract surgery – now what?

You’re one of a trillion patients that have undergone getting a new lens once having cataracts removed. Now what?  Did you have a go forward plan? Do you know what extra prevention you need to be aware of? One recent article I’ve come across states modern lens replacement surgery increases the risk of macular degeneration [read more…]

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