WINTERIZE YOURSELF – What’s my Best Protection?

We hear of new challenges coming our way, take your pick.  One of the latest is a respiratory one that’s extremely hard on children.  There’s also the flu bugs, plus all the scare about Ebola.  It’s almost if Ebola won’t get you, the worrying about it will. So first off, let’s be proactive about what [read more…]

Working in your 60s and 70s is a reality

It’s a newer trend…… you hoped your “plan” didn’t necessarily include. Remember that plan – get your education – get a good job – work for them for 40 years – get a gold watch and retire “well”. Or this plan – buy your first home (small) – move on up to a bigger home [read more…]

Merry Christmas and Wishes for 2014

A Healthy, Happy Year can be around the corner! Stay plugged in for updates, news and special features. January 1,  2014 our next newsletter (sent separately from this blog) will give you all kinds of tips for Sunseekers, all those Snowbirds planning to get away to some warm places. Tips on what to take to [read more…]

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