Pesticides and Noxious Sprays – The ‘Dirty Dozen’ Remedy

Maybe you’ve already heard about the ‘dirty dozen’….the 12 or so foods that are most prevalent to carry pesticides and be laden with noxious sprays.  We certainly don’t want to be ingesting those pests or pesticides.

plus lettuce, potatoes, imported grapes and cherries.

So addressing the question: “What do we do then?”

Folks have been removing parasites and neutralizing the toxins by soaking the Dirty Dozen in an ‘antioxidant bath’.


Open one capsule of the mineral antioxidant Microhydrin and disperse it into a bowl of water.

Place your fruits and veggies into this Microhydrin plus water bath for a good rinse.

Microhydrin is FULL of electrons so not only does it remove or offset the pesticides, it also recharges the ‘stay fresh’ aspect of your food, the  (electrons) so that they stay fresh SO MUCH LONGER.  Don’t just use Microhydrin for this.  Make it part of your regular supplement protocol. Microhydrin is the one product that does the most – potent antioxidant, alkalinizes the body, provides cellular energy, increases hydration, recharges other nutrients and helps with aches and pains.

So there you have it:

  • neutralized pesticides and noxious sprays
  • parasites leave the plant and go into the water
  • FRESH food much longer
  • Easy-peasy solution

Remember the 1st key to good health:  Remove what  frustrates your health,

This is a great first step, towards filling the GAPPS in our health puzzle.

Changing Your Normal,

Barb Ashcroft

Body (the focus this post) – Mind – Spirit

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