Where does ‘death’ begin? Could it be toxicity?

We’ve been focusing on different aspects of toxins, toxicity, cleansing, fasting, colon cleansing and felt you would benefit from listening to the ‘WHY and HOW’ directly from the creator of Colovada-Plus.  As many health pioneers have quoted “Death begins in the Colon”….so it is good to be informed as to choices you can make.


I just completed a Colovada-Plus and can hardly believe how great an asset it was to jump start my fall “Self-Care/Fitness” program. (I may not have been the Russian fencing champion for the country mentioned in the video, but my story mirrors hers quite similarly).

Thank you Dr. Zehr.


Barb Ashcroft (at one time referred to as the Detox Coach)

WeChangeLives@shaw.ca/ 250-752-5499

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