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Captive Audience

Captive Audience

Kids aren’t the only ones who say “The Darnedest Things”.

Maybe Art Linkletter was right? He taught the principle of “Keep Learning and Keep Earning!”

Who among us wouldn’t want to have a future of longevity and prosperity?

The good news is that seniors today are living longer than ever before. The bad news is that longevity can pose difficulties for achieving prosperity, and many of today’s retirees may not be able to maintain their financial independence in their elder years. With advances in medicine, boomers are living longer in retirement, often times much longer than they planned for financially.

US News and World Report listed “Running out of money” as a key fear of 59% of North Americans over age 50.

Unfortunately many will live out that fear unless they create a reliable income strategy for their retirement years..

Despite some common obstacles that present themselves when preparing a retirement strategy, it’s important to be informed as to options, as well as to meet with a professional who has expertise.

There are some common threads among those who are happiest in retirement.  Happiness in retirement is related to:

  • confidence in finances
  • feelings of contribution or making a difference (being a Go Giver)
  • personal development
  • good health
  • contentment or spiritual maturity
  • levels of stress (which often compromises your health at the same time)
  • There is a greater level of confidence in those with defined income goals in retirement. Put ‘good’ strategy in place today and you’ll be much more likely to achieve your financial and ‘leaving a legacy’ goals no matter how long you live.

Are you looking to top up one of these areas of Happiness in or out of retirement?  Here’s some good input.  Come and learn more at the Premiere Showing of the Documentary of Rise of the Entrepreneur, Looking for a Better Way. Since the phenomenon of The Secret movie first began in 2006, that DVD…which was credited for huge advances in Personal Growth, this Documentary is hailed as the comparable to the Secret, but for its impact with Education and Knowledge for Entrepreneurs.

***First Premiere is Wednesday, January 14th, 7pm at the McMillan Arts Centre (THE MAC) in Parksville, BC.   Let us know if you’d like a ticket  $5 for General Seating.  The VIP seats are already sold out.  For more info contact us at 250-752-5499***

Here’s a previous post we did of Retirement – ReVisited that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  Come and meet her in person at the “Rise”.

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