Working in your 60s and 70s is a reality

It’s a newer trend…… you hoped your “plan” didn’t necessarily include.

Remember that plan – get your education – get a good job – work for them for 40 years – get a gold watch and retire “well”.

Or this plan – buy your first home (small) – move on up to a bigger home – finally get your dream home – sell it to become your retirement?

There’s a few kinks in those plans – right?  When you got there you didn’t plan on your investments pooping out on you; didn’t plan on ‘retirement homes’ to be more costly than your dream home (because of the demand); you didn’t plan on being the middle of a sandwich looking after grown kids or their kids and more senior parents all at the same time; and you didn’t plan on your great old job dropping their pension funds (or making you responsible for them).

Working in your 60s and 70s may be the NEW Reality – but let’s make it a GOOD Reality!

Here’s what CBC says: Unemployment – older workers waiting for the revolution.

I think many mindsets are stuck in an old model.  They’re looking at it from a linear perspective.  Time for dollars.  That’s mostly because that’s what many grew up around.

There is a tsunami of seniors that could benefit from several different models: Linear yes, but also growing a Residual income stream and thirdly a Career Path that can be bequeathed to your family.  How would you like to grow an income stream that all your work NOW is bequeathed to your kids and grand kids for their success in the future.  Wouldn’t that feel great to help your kids finally be able to afford their first home or your grand kids a chance to go to college or post secondary training school.

It’s not by simply inheriting your funds, it’s by inheriting the “duplicatable business” you set up now, setting them up for success.

I think it’s a big adjustment for folks when you do retire; as many have their identity wrapped around that 9-5.

All of a sudden; you’re face to face with:  Who are You anyways?

Art Linkletter said it best, “Keep Learning and Keep Earning”.

The Most Magical time of one’s career could be just around the corner.

We’ve put together a package called “You’re Retired – NOW WHAT?”

It’s a booklet of options for those who still wish to keep those brain cells firing; but also wish to Pay it Forward.

After all; those who gained all that experience over those 30-40 + career years have a lot of wisdom to impart.

Whether you NEED to as CBC shares; or simply WANT to for your own personal stimulation….you’re not alone.

Life (2)

Contact us to request your What Now package, there are some GREAT options available.

Please refer to the WHAT NOW package in your subject line.





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