New Workshop 'Getting Your Shenanigans in Order Action Workshop'

One of the MOST recurring comments or advice from EXPERTS that I've interviewed with my 'Compassion In Action' project is GET PREPARED!

So take advantage of my brand new workshops (online) to get the instruction and the hand holding to get this project done.

It's mostly for your LOVED ONES, so that all the ESSENTIALS are listed and taken care of.  No GUESSING!  No GUILT!

Plan now for the next workshop.

contact Barb for the Special Component offerings  - I'm working on 3 separate WAYS you can take this workshop.

-Self Paced (do at your own speed, like Paint by Numbers), video instruction (you can pause) and fillable PDF sheets

- Online via Zoom as they come available

- In Person in our locality

You'll want to have advance registering to receive the shopping list and the downloads plus time to prepare homework ahead of time.

This is a TAKE ACTION workshop and we will get it done.

You will want to click on this next 2 minute video.  It will give you a clear indication of what to expect and what's possible.

What others are saying about the workshop. 


After that's all squared away - check out the other workshops we offer which are listed below.


Uncover What Fulfills You

This is designed for you if you want to perform in life at your peak level, and also have a measuring stick to assess if future endeavors or opportunities are a fit for you (in advance).  This can create the ultimate goal, which is JOY.  It is perfect for those at a key junction in their life as well as younger people starting out.

The workshop is based on Michael Losier’s book, Your Life’s Purpose. I personally attended Michael’s first workshop even before his book was released. I admire how Michael has always had a gift of how to’s, simple methodical steps for The Law of Attraction, and The Law of Connection.

Even though I felt I knew 100% what my life purpose was prior to the workshop, at the end of just a few hours of his one-on-one teaching, my concept was tossed out the window.  I felt with my new found knowledge I simply HAD TO TEACH THIS.  

Contact us for our next Complimentary Intro 30 minute info session or request a recording of our 1 hour podcast interview where we go over the process.

TWO WAYS to access this workshop:

Personal 1 - on- 1 Session ($195.00)  This is a Powerful Workshop exclusively set aside for you with Barb Ashcroft. During this time, you will be doing a deep dive into discovering your RENEWED purpose.  Barb takes the basics taught in the book, Your Life's Purpose and then applies that to you PERSONALLY to help you find your own strategies to find JOY on a regular basis.

Home Study Program  ($95.00)

We've taken key elements from our Mastermind Series 'Finding What Fulfills You' and created a 'Home Study' self-paced program to support you "Finding Renewed Purpose". 

This comes to you with Downloads, Written and Video Instruction over several modules followed by a LIVE ZOOM meetup ($95.00)

Hear what a past participant has to say, "What an amazing exercise.  Barb worked with me, pulling out my likes, dislikes and even some long forgotten thoughts.  This is a process that is so very valuable to define inner thoughts and directions.  I was amazed to actually see several Fulfillment Needs just as I thought - but ONE did throw me for a loop - a total SURPRISE - who would have thought!  Tremendous confirmation and discovery in one.  I am so grateful and appreciative for the expertise, guidance and time!"

Sandy H   Leading retailer and Entrepreneur

Click on the red button below to get started today with the Home Study Modules.

No matter who you are and what you do, IF you are not as happy or successful as you'd like to be then consider making this investment in yourself.  You just may be a few steps away from your biggest breakthrough ever.  If you are at a crossroads and do not know which path to take, this provides extra value towards a lifetime of less stress and even more fulfillment.

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